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Welcome to the Fiesta Online EU Wiki!

This Wiki ressource, made by players for players, is meant to help new and experienced players to keep a usable and a coherent trace of all the datas that have been gathered by players of Fiesta Online UE.

What is the difference between Fiesta EU and OS?

Everything...more or less. Basically, the game itself has been created by the Corean Developer OnSoft. Two companies bought the licence from OnSoft for two different and defined areas, OutSpark for the United-States of America and border countries and Gamigo for European countries. The supposed to be auto-block of IPs of the players coming from outside of those defined zones allows you either to play on Gamigo or on OutSpark.
OutSpark is 9 months ahead of Gamigo and therefore has a more complete content since the patchs and extensions of Fiesta Online are released by the Developers at a regular rate to fit the set up of the game settings the way it was concieved.
Despite of that, the contents of Gamigo and OutSpark versions are not exactly the same. Each licence made different choices depending on the public they aimed at, the development of their own version of the game, the encountered issues ...etc, which lead to signifiquent differences such as the content of the quests, the level of the cap and therefore the adjustment of the skill levels...and so on.
Even terms are slightly different. The 5th character class released by OutSpark a few months ago and announced on Gamigo for June 2011 have different names: the Trickster for OutSpark and the Joker for Gamigo ... who decided to keep the name the Coreans gave the class initially!

What is a Wiki?

How to contribute? What are the rules?

  • Post verified and accurate datas/facts only.
  • Write in a correct understandable English.
  • No content from OS or any other external source can be used but the Official Gamigo website, forum, or any other Official source.

Why can't I edit a page?

Some pages are protected due to the amount of datas they contain or their importance which make them unwanted to be changed or modified by anywho. If you notice any mistake or if you want to add, modify something in a protected page, don't hesitate to leave a comment.

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